It all began from a simple conversation with a couple of friends from the West who thought it was hilarious that Asians had body parts that were so unkempt they look like fur muffs. What shock! What horror! How could anyone think that!

Immediate action was needed to redeem the “dignity” of Asians! The STRIP team started to do lots of research on the art of Brazilian Waxing...and off went the team, all the way across the Atlantic to New York City, the Mecca of Brazilian Waxing!

Although we were absolutely stunned by the acrobatics that were involved in the grooming of body hair down under, we figured that our local gals would surely benefit from an expertly done Brazilian. Modifying the fantastic dynamics of the perfect Brazilian, we replaced the theatrical acrobatics with super high efficacy...and the Ministry-approved Brazilian was BORN!

Stay alert! There is only one STRIP-approved Brazilian wax in chic and fashionable Hong Kong, and we're here to raise the bar of the waxing scene! Ministry of Waxing comes packing with our HSQ mantra: HYGIENE, SPEED and QUALITY. Simply put, each of our customer receives their personal hygiene wax pack, our wax is the best of the best, and our therapists strap on (their latex gloves) and strip off (the wax) in 15 minutes flat!

STRIP, being the hip, edgy movement that it is, kicks off IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for your Brazilian as well and has produced the best post-wax care in the business - our Bromelaine-laced X-ed Out Cream and Ice Cream are cooling creams that will sure put out any fiery hot spots! Our research department at the STRIP headquarters endlessly searches the globe to generate the best in waxing treatments and our products are always evolving with visionary style!

We've got the coolest ad campaigns and each store interior is painstakingly designed to never be a cookie-cutter. Always with lots to offer in our goody bag of thrills, spills and deals, STRIP continues its mission to carry out the best waxing and hair removal anyone has ever experienced!


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