Mythbusters: Hair Removal vs Hair Reduction

Whether you’re already well on your journey to smoothville or still waiting to board the hairless express, there’s one thing that we want to make very clear about the IPL process – and that’s your expectations.

Mythbusters: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask About IPL and Laser Hair Removal…but Were Afraid to Ask!

If you’ve grown bored of the on-going maintenance of keeping fuzz-free, then you may want to step off the treadmill with permanent hair reduction like laser or IPL.

Mythbusters: IPL Vs. Waxing

In this edition of Mythbusters, we take a look at the on-going process of beating those pesky follicles and why, if you’ve decided to take the IPL plunge, you’ll need to say no to the wax!

Mythbusters: The Truth About IPL and the “Ouch” Factor!

But wait just a moment… This is going to hurt, right?! In this week’s Mythbusters, we’ll be separating fact from fiction when it comes to permanent hair removal and pain. So sit back and relax; we promise this won’t hurt a bit…

Insider Beauty Tips: Strip’s Ice Cream Helps You Care Before You Bare!

Unless you’re naturally as smooth as a baby’s bottom, the reality for most of us is – unfortunately – a bit less cute.

So Fresh, So Clean – Why There Are No Dirty Little Secrets at Strip!

Given you’re entrusting us with some of your most delicate body parts, it only seems right that we make sure every single aspect of your treatment with us is as safe and hygienic as it can be.